Wow! Thanks to our amazing community (possibly including you!), we’ve reached our 100,000th ride in Auckland. Ka pai! We have always firmly believed that we Aucklanders would embrace bike sharing but didn’t predict that it would happen this fast.

So what was the 100,000th trip? It was a 9:14 a.m. ride from Karangahape Road all the way down to Britomart. Looks like someone may have been a little late for work (or got a little help making theirĀ 9:30 start).

Some happy chappies from Instagram (@onzo_nz)

Launching Onzo was a bit of an experiment. We had no idea whether other kiwis would be open to riding a bike in a car-focused city. We’ve been delighted by the uptake and enthusiasm shown for our service so far (a few teething issues aside). When we launched in October last year, we worked with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport to gain successive 3-month trial licenses. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been granted a one-year license to operate. Onzo will be around for a wee while yet!

While our bikes are only in Auckland at the moment – save for a couple bikes people have snuck away to other parts of New Zealand, we’re aiming to launch in other cities before the end of the year. We’re committed to making transportation more convenient, accessible and affordable for all Kiwis, and believe that by providing our service, we can transform our cities for the better. We reckon the long-term benefits of bike-sharing are massive and look forward to continually growing.

Of course, 100,000 rides have only been possible because of our riders, an amazing community who have embraced our service and also helped maintain it through their reporting and feedback. Thanks to all of you, and we’re excited about the next 100,000 rides, and whatever comes after!

Special thanks to: @artofnostalgia, @tommojizzle, @onzo_sightings, @michaelcraig, @athenapliufalani, @_deniskaay, @itsnoriiiwong, @jacobvcorbett, @jennifer3n, @cofonne, @between5975miles, @caitlinjoesphine, @justanupdate, @theadventuresofwilsy, @diggydupe, @tara_ryan__ for supplying pictures for our collage!

Han Li

Han Li

Chief Marketing Officer at Onzo


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